Coaches & Philosophy

Technically, Coach Ben Moritz  started his "flipping" career as a breakdancer, but he found his passion after cheering for MSU. Ben cheered four years for Michigan State- including a UCA Nationals performance- and finished his final year as Varsity Captain. While taking classes full-time and cheering in Spartan Stadium he also found time to coach tumbling to seven different high schools teams, some of which were up to an hour away.  

After graduating in 2010 with a degree in astrophysics, Coach Ben started his All-Star Cheer career in two different ways: coaching tumbling for Capital Cheer Michigan and running the Michigan Xtreme Lansing team. After finishing an entire year as MIX head coach, tumbling and attending competitions for CCM, and teaching classes at Red Cedar Gymnastics, Ben saw the potential in CCM athletes and chose to coach for them exclusively.  

From 2011-2014 Coach Ben worked his way from Tumbling Coach to Team Coach to Head Coach and played a major role in not only many successful seasons- including a US Finals win for CCM, but also developing a culture of excellence that would change the way athletes train. In 2014, while cheering for the Detroit Pistons, there was a change of ownership at CCM and Ben became the Program Director for Capital Cheer Legends.   

After many, many firsts for the program, prominently five Summit teams and a Summit finalist in 2019, Coach Ben and Coach Marissa decided it was time to take their abilities to the next level. They created World Tour Cheer and Tumble to provide that same standard of excellence for their athletes, and bring an entirely unseen before approach to athlete training and All-star Cheerleading.


Coach Marissa Mcfarland started her cheerleading journey from 2006-2009 participating in Jr. Rams cheer. Somewhere between those years, 2 hours of practice a week followed by 1 game wasn't enough to fulfill her growing passion.

In 2009 she attended open gym at Capital Cheer.  After spending 2 hours at the gym, she was asked to step into a routine that was performing in 2 weeks! Soon, 2 two-hour practices and 5 competitions still wasn't enough to feed her passion. After accepting a crossover position, it quickly snowballed into being on 2,3, and sometimes 4 teams a season! She was practicing 4-5 days a week from 5-10pm for All-Star. As an athlete, Marissa has been a part of many successful

teams, winning many national titles and multiple US Finals.

About halfway through the 2012 season, Marissa was introduced to coaching. With little to no guidance that year, she jumped into coaching 3 prep teams with just one other teammate. With this new experience came a new passion. Moving forward, she grew from A Jr. coach, to team coach, to head coach.

As she took on head coaching, she found yet another passion within this sport: choreography. Coach Marissa has choreographed many routines, including multiple summit routines. Most recently she has taken a team from the D2 Summit wildcard round to finals, scoring a perfect score in stunts and dance! Coach Ben and coach Marissa have many successes while coaching together, it only made sense to take it to the next level and run a gym together!


Our Philosophy


World Tour promises to bring a fresh approach to this vibrant sport. We picked the name World Tour, mostly because it's bold... and we plan to be bold every step of the way. We are not copycats, and our name should reflect that. Words like 'extreme' and 'elite' have lost their meaning. Mid-Michigan needed something refreshing. We are committed to providing an experience to our parents and athletes that is so much more than cheer and tumble, and our name is only the beginning. Our commitment is to provide top notch training and competition, as well as organization, communication, and accountability--to our athletes AND our parents. 

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